Why Identity Management Just Works in Web3

Why Identity Management Just Works in Web3

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There is a temptation in the blockchain space to let the product do the talking.

Because if you’re building a platform, protocol or anything else, you expect committed tech enthusiasts to do the research required and educate the wider community about why it’s a good thing.

But time in the space tells us one thing: this will not always work out. Guides on choosing a crypto project often advise retail investors to buy into the team as well as the product. This is lauded as a way to weed out scams and rug pulls while offering proof that the project leaders know their stuff and can deliver on their promises.

One shortcut to undeniable credibility is identity management where your name gets attached to articles in the media and the top Google search results demonstrate exactly what you know, who you are and where you see the technology going.

A Digital Presence for a Digital Age

Browsing habits have changed drastically since the advent of Web2 in what we can consider the first era of the digital age. 

Now, people use their phones to access constant and steady streams of information. Googling a person has become second nature for people around the world. A person could be at the bar with friends and in conversation novel crypto projects come up: in 30 seconds flat they can be looking at the online persona (aka. identity) curated for a compelling public profile.

It’s in the name: Web3 enthusiasts will be reached online. Your website will only show half of the story when people are more skeptical than they were in years passed; they simply don’t know what to believe anymore. Meeting them on neutral territory in a credible news source, for example, is far more likely to gain valuable followers.

Curated but Authentic

Identity management is partially about showing off your extensive knowledge of the problems and potential solutions inherent in what is currently still a nascent technology. It makes people sit up and listen, maybe learn something, but ultimately it brings value to your personal brand and by virtue of this, your company’s brand.

Ranking high on Google for your name is the first step. But making appearances in respected media outlets could be the difference in a conversion from interested to fully-fledged user.

In a fast-moving digital world where grabbing attention is harder than ever, your search results need to deliver value from a quick 10 second scroll. And if they click through on the links, there will be authentic and knowledgeable content from you which boosts your image.

Identity management builds credibility, so you can focus on building your cutting-edge projects.

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