A Brief Guide to Web3 Thought Leadership in a Bear Market

A Brief Guide to Web3 Thought Leadership in a Bear Market

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All the signs point to the most extended bear market in the history of cryptocurrencies.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a build market, too.

Great minds are still hard at work delivering a future on blockchain that can usher in a new digital age, where traditional industries and Web3 natives alike will profit on a scale never seen before.

If you are one of these great minds, you are no doubt still tirelessly building. So what can thought leadership do for you in the midst of a pessimistic and still-volatile market?

Demonstrating Knowledge

Retail investors are understandably reticent these days when it comes to aping into new projects. Perhaps they’ve been burnt too many times, or simply no longer believe there is long-term profit in throwing money into exciting projects.

That’s why you hit them with absolute fire knowledge bombs.

High ranking, well performing media outlets are the perfect home for bleeding-edge insight on blockchain technology: where it’s going currently, where it can go and what you are doing to make this dream a reality.

Anything you know, that the wider crypto public do not know is prime feed for the masses. Finally, a guy/gal who just gets it. Someone with pedigree, a person who knows exactly how to carry out lofty visions and apply it exactly as promised.

Showing the world that you hold a deep knowledge of blockchain gains you immeasurable credibility. Readers may not invest just yet, but it provides the foundation for an upturn.

And if they trust you in a bear market, they will reward you when the bull goes in for another charge.

Positive Publicity

The evergreen proverb “All publicity is good publicity” does not ring true for crypto.

This is an industry built on trust. When you answer not to a small cabal of shareholders or investors, but literally the entire freakin’ crypto investing world, you better not slip up with avoidable errors and shady backroom dealings.

If you’re in public view as an executive of your project, you best believe potential investors are Googling you. With a burst of publicity, possibly hundreds, if not thousands of people will take to their favorite search engine and this is the internet; they will dig up any dirt, should any be there to find.

Luckily for you, the majority will not venture past the first page of search results. And this is where you make hay while the sun shines. A neat list of all your unique and, well, thoughtful thought leadership pieces can show off premium analytical skills alongside meaningful understanding of the space.

They will see your qualifications and experience. They will note what you are saying about blockchain, how it differs from the hopeful pump-inducing hype commonly found elsewhere. They will begin to consider you a leader worth trusting.

In a bear market, trust and credibility is your main currency. And this can be converted to winning results on the horizon, once we edge again towards a bull market.

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