Thought Leadership From the Front in the Wild West of Crypto

Thought Leadership From the Front in the Wild West of Crypto

Business Advisory

Your most fatal mistake in the crypto PR space would be to consider your audience naive. Sure, there are degens who sink more than they can afford into questionable projects, but the majority do their research. Take liberties at your own risk.

Hacks and rug pulls have made many wary and shitcoins no longer enjoy pumps at the rate they used to. Even well structured projects are struggling for investment in the current bear market, leading to the question: how does a crypto project gain the trust of its audience?

Show You Have a Big Brain… And Can Use It

Many prospective investors will look at the project website and then Google the executive team, so it follows naturally that you want them to see a positively shaped public persona. Maybe there’s an impressive LinkedIn profile for them to peruse, or perhaps it’s a past dotted with crypto projects that never took off.

But something more powerful than any self-published information is thought leadership. Show you know what is happening in the markets, and more to the point with industry-wide developments.

Excite, entertain and then inform through these articles to create a robust, evergreen public image which makes potential customers think: “Damn, this guy/gal knows their stuff.”

Famous blogger Elsie Bauer says: “Thought Leadership is the recognition from the outside world that the company deeply understands its business, the needs of its customers, and the broader marketplace in which it operates.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The Big Upshot

The main benefits of thought leadership is that it reinforces a brand and provides a competitive edge through differentiation, as a minority of projects in the space enjoy such a public platform to disseminate their thoughts. It can provide a sales boost and places your company near the top of what can be a sketchy industry when it comes to crypto.

In an industry suffering a dearth of FUD and misinformation, looking at you Crypto Twitter, providing people with valuable, accurate information on a consistent basis earns you credibility and rapport. Offer something of value to your customers and they will respond.

Once your thought leadership pieces are published on well-read, credible media outlets then people are more likely to put their trust in you and your company. This is a climate where people have been misled or scammed out of all their spare cash. Trust goes a very long way here.

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