Influencers: Does Size Matter? Only If You Know How to Use It

Influencers: Does Size Matter? Only If You Know How to Use It

Marketing Insights

We’re now in the midst of a marketing landscape where influencers come in all shapes and sizes. The rise of the micro influencer has been notable: businesses can increasingly find success using people with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers.

The new brand of micro influencer often describes someone relatively well-known inside a niche, with high levels of engagement and an audience probably not filled with robots. Here’s why they should be part of your marketing strategy and also how to use them.

Why You Should be Proud of Your Micro

It stands to reason you would seek out an influencer with followers in the hundreds of thousands. Why wouldn’t you want to reach as many people as possible?

The answer is simple. In many cases, you would be much better served by engaging with 100 influencers with 1,000 followers each. Research shows micro influencers enjoy 60% increased engagement when compared to macro influencers.

Not convinced yet? The same research finds micro influencers have a 20% higher conversion rate. Brands can extract incredible value from the burgeoning class of influencers who are smaller in followings, but mighty in selling power.

Highly Curated Communities

The masses-oriented macro influencer casts a wide net and catches a broad audience of followers. They may not like the same things, despite being united by a common interest centered on the influencer, and this is problematic when it comes to trying to sell to them.

Niche micro influencers can be more powerful, especially for a lean marketing campaign looking to drill down on a specific market. They act as thought leaders who set the tone of conversation around certain topics and will not tend to attract followers outside of their bubble.

You want to find a user base who will love your product: the best bet is to find an already-engaged, passionate and knowledgeable audience. Micro influencers can lead the way here.

How to Use Micro Influencers

With a level of social media savviness, you will be able to seek out and find micro influencers you’d like to work with. It’s a good idea to establish a connection with them first: start by following their social channels and engaging with content.

Share their updates with your followers, leave comments and engage in conversations. Be an active member of the audience. This will lay the foundation for a longer working relationship with the influencer and show you are not just a marketing hawk, but a genuine participant in their niche space.

Once you have ties to a micro influencer, or several, you want to focus on the content they produce marketing your product. Even if it’s scripted, the tried and tested way is to deliver honest content which fosters trust. Remember it’s not the case of shoveling a mass of people down a narrow funnel in the hope you will scoop up a few sales.

You are engaging with a micro influencer’s loyal following. Out of respect to them, and the influencer, attempt the soft sell and let your product do the talking. The biggest upshot of using a micro influencer is you get presented in front of an interested audience. Don’t waste the opportunity and make sure you are building a relationship of trust all the time.

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