Crypto Is Serious Business Now, You Need a PR Firm

Crypto Is Serious Business Now, You Need a PR Firm

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Let’s face it. Cryptocurrencies don’t command a lot of respect outside of enthusiast circles. Moreover, public relations firms aren’t universally loved either. In the mainstream consciousness marrying the two together probably seems like an unholy alliance in action.

Take it from a lifelong cynic: crypto has a place in the world once blockchain technology matures and can eventually be leveraged for a range of use cases both on a consumer and enterprise level.

The market for cryptocurrencies is predicted to grow to $6 trillion by 2025 according to research firm Report Linker and Coherent Market Insights. A blockchain-based future is likely.

But when it comes to PR, many have long been distrustful of the murky waters involved. It’s true that results can be intangible and often an enlisted public relations firm seems to spend a lot of time trying to look busy rather than driving results for their client. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Ethical PR for Crypto Firms With Resolve

Hiring a results driven PR team can be the difference between a promising entrepreneur seeing their project crash and bringing them closer to mainstream adoption. Audiences don’t always know a lot about blockchain; a good public relations firm will be able to reach out to consumers and educate them in a palatable, engaging and easy-to-understand manner.

This is where ethics come in. Endless shilling just doesn’t work in today’s cryptocurrency climate and a more nuanced approach works far better anyway. A blockchain native PR firm should know this already and will have the tools to show target audiences the benefits of technology without shoving it down their throat.

The bear market will claim many scalps; in such a climate, separating your firm from the pack with a great solution, product or service is crucial. Boosting your credibility goes a long way to achieving this goal.

Building Brand Credibility

Your startup needs to gain a stellar reputation as a dominant force in the sector. This involves creating consistent and high quality content about the wider industry as commentary on the direction your contemporaries are heading in.

Then, these articles must be placed in credible media outlets which people genuinely read. The increase in brand recognition can ultimately generate leads, but more importantly it creates an online presence which forges a reputation that cannot be doubted easily.

PR raises your company’s profile in the marketplace while establishing a strong brand authority. Thought leadership increases trust in an organization on a huge scale, plus it marks a regular deliverable for the PR-averse to measure the efforts of their hired press hounds.

If the aim is to become a serious crypto firm, chances are you will feel the need to engage with a public relations team at some point. Otherwise, your great vision may never find the audience required to make it a success.

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